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    I'm having trouble retreiving attachments from VZ's mail application. I can load MS files (ppt doc xls) directly to 'Documents to Go', but I cannot load pdf attachments into Acrobat Reader for Palm. On a related note, I also cannot figure out the file download option in the 'Wireless Sync' application on the T600. It is not apparent how to download or upload files using this option.
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    Acrobat for palm will not open native PDF files. As for downloading attached fiels you have toselect the paperclip on the email and selct the download option. next sync it will download.

    hope that helps
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    I have to documents to go premium, which will not open downloaded pdf's either. So is true then that no matter the viewer application (Acrobat for palm, DTG, etc...) none will read native pdf files, and that the only way to read a pdf on a Treo is to first convert the pdf file on your computer (via acrobat for palm or DTG) and then load to Treo via Hotsync?

    I hope this is not true as I just got my VZW Treo this week and I was hoping to be able to read pdf's thru email, in addition to ppt, xls and doc files.
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    as far as i know there is no way to view native pdf on the treo. there was some talk of a web site that did some conversions for you. you may want to search the boards and see what you come up with. also check out

    good luck

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