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    I'm considering getting a Verizon Treo but need a little more detail about wireless sync before I dive in.

    My Outlook 2003 currently checks 3 pop3 accounts and does NOT connect to an exchange server. Will I be able to use VZW Wireless Sync to sync the treo's inbox with my outlook inbox, even though I don't have an Exchange connection?

    I don't want to use the POP3 option in wireless sync because changes made on the Treo are apparently not reflected back on the POP3 server. Also, since I leave my outlook running 24/7 and it is removing mail from the POP3 server every 3 minutes, having the Treo also ping the server doesn't make a lot of sense.

    So... any ideas if this setup will work? Will the VZW Wireless Sync desktop client synchronize the email that is sitting in my desktop's outlook inbox with my Treo inbox?

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    i do note believe that you can check the pop3 accounts in that way. the client appears to work by directly logging inot your exchange server and retrieving the mail and other information.
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    Wireless Sync will check POP3 Accounts directly.
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    thanks for your replies.

    i know wireless sync will check pop3 accounts directly, but from what I understand, changes on the treo (delete, reply, etc.) are not reflected back on the pop3 server.

    is there any way to actually sync the contents of my outlook inbox and sub folders with the treo? the situation i want to end up with is one where if i send an email on the treo, it shows up in both my treo sent email folder AND my outlook sent email folder. does anyone know if this is possible?

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    from what I know about pop (can't really speak for how Outlook works in the mode of a pop3 client), when you access the pop server (via ANY method - treo, another PC, whatever) and delete mail, those messages are gone from the Inbox. I don't know about sent mail, but pop by definition treats any access the same. Delete mail via the palm, and when you get back to a PC, that mail is gone from the account. IMAP, of course, works differently. Maybe some other email heads will chime in here....

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