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    I have a T600 with Sprint PCS service. I am thinking about getting a Sprint PCS Connection Card for my laptop. Does anyone know if I can connect to Sprint PCS using the same account? Would there be any additional cost (other than the cost of the PC card itself) to access Sprint PCS using the Connection Card? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    The connection card requires a data plan of $80/month.

    You can purchase PDANet for your Treo and connect it to your laptop.
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    I got someone at the store to add my card as a phone, so i had my sanyo 4900 and a card as the add a phone. I guess you just have to find the right rep. The one i had was very eager to help out!
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    Using PDANet is not allowed according to the Terms of Service. Just a warning though, many people use it with no problem. However, if you use a lot of data (more than a G a month) like mysef, violating yourTOS could cost you big time.
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