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    Verizon just started charging customers for checking their voice mail from their cell phone a couple months ago. It cost me $25 just to check my messages last month! What a crock. So I was wondering if Sprint or Cingular charges minutes to check voice mail.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Actually, Verizon has been charging people who check their voicemail via *86 for several years. The easy way to get around it is to program your phone to dial your cellphone number with your password instead of *86. This way it is charged as a mobile-to-mobile call. Go into the PHONE app; press up on the 5-way pad to select FAVORITES; make sure the #1 (Voicemail button) is highlighted; press the MENU button on the keyboard; select EDIT FAVORITE BUTTON; enter your phone number and under MORE, enter two commas ",," to provide the necessary pause and enter your password.

    Done. Works great, no charge. Good luck.
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    Mmmm.. dialing your own number doesn't work anymore or at least it doesn't work in some areas. I used this technique literally for years. Last December I added 4 phones to a family plan and the sales guy specifically told us we could all access VM for free if we dialed our own numbers as they would be included in the family shared moabile to mobile. Worked for several months. About March I started getting horrendous bills. This was curiously at about the same time Verizon stopped sending out itemized bills so I had no way of knowing why. I blamed the kids but they iu\nsisted they only used mobile to mobile and VM. I let it go and got a second horrendous bill iin April. Now I looke into it and low and behold I was getting charged full rate for calls to VM. I called to complain. Wow what a mess that was. I alternately got reps who denied that I could have ever gotten free VM that way. Several insisted I was crazy and that they had ALWAYS charged for all VM regardless of how you accessed it. Finally after like an hour on the phone I got someone who acknowledged that indeed a policy change had taken effect in March. Supposidly there was a little noticed buried someone on the February bill. The whole thing sounded very suspicious to me. They start adding a new charge at the exact same time they stop itemizing bills. I explained that when I bought 4 picture phones the sales guy specifically mentioned the free VM feature but they simply said tough luck there was no way they could continue to give me that plan.

    Anyway the whole episode left me very angry with Verizon and I ended up moving to Sprint. They also charge for VM but overall their rates are lower and I couldn't be happier. I travel a great deal and found coverage virtually identical to Verizon. I have the feature where you can roam on Verizon net if Sprint is unavailable but I haven't really had to use much at all. Plus with a Treo the data plan is WAY less expensive. All the hype about the Verizon network being so much better is way exaggerated particularly if you don't use analog (and the Treo can't)

    I have several friends who all started getting huge bills in March/April so I don't know if this is coincidence of if Verizon accountatns are lookiing for ways to squeeze more money from users. But I'm telling them all to move to Sprint.
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    Thanks for the insight Steve. But can you help me out. I don't have a Treo yet (waitng for the Ace to come out). So I just have a regular LG, Verizon phone. How can I see if I can dial my voice mail with one of those phones? I checked for a favorites button, but don't have one.



    EDIT- Ok I found the area where I can change my voicemail number. It was under message settings. So I changed it to my phone number plus the commas and then my password. But now how can I access my voicemail and have it dial that number instead of *86? After I did the above I went to voicemail and pressed send to automatically dial my voicemail number. Well it dialed *86 still. Help?

    Final Edit- I just tried dialing my number straight and I immediately got my voice mail. Will that show up as a mobile to mobile call or a *86 call which they will charge me for? So then, Vidio, you couldn't dial your number with Verizon after you changed plans? The VM just didn't pick up?

    Can you use the "dial your own number for it to show up as a mobile-to-mobile call" with Sprint? I assume you can. I am also most likely going to switch to Sprint when the Ace comes out and was curious.

    Thanks again!!
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