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    I'm sure many of you remember this plan; back when Sprint released their "holiday" deals, many of us jumped on the bandwagon and took the 2000 minutes for $85.

    Prior to me changing plans, I was paying $150 for the same thing. I've had my $85 plan now for a long time, and wouldnt change it for anything. Wait, let me rephrase that. I'd change it if Sprint were offering even something better at still a cheaper price.

    But, this is my problem. I'll be moving from one coast to another; meaning that my area code will definitely changed. I phoned Sprint and told a CSR that I'd need a new number and each one has told me that I cant keep the same plan if I move.

    They are telling me that this plan doesnt exist now in their database or something to that effect. Every one of my friends/family on the east Coast (Phila/NY) have Sprint and all of us have the exact same plan. I was told that if I change my number to a new area code, to keep my plan would cost me $135.

    Somehow this NON_sense makes NO_sense to me.
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    well couldn't you keep the existing number and have everyone dial the area code if they want to call you?
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    Don't listen to the CSRs. I was on a retention plan, just moved from New Hampshire to San Francisco 2 months ago. The CSR told me I'd lose my plan if I changed numbers. I called the retetion line directly, told them I liked Sprint and wanted to keep my current plan and just switch numbers, and the retention rep took care of it right away over the phone. In case they hesitate (which they won't), just add that if you can't keep your current plan and have to sign up for a new one, then there is a Verizon/T-Mobile/Cingular plan that is looking like a better deal.

    You can find the direct numbers to retention at, in the FAQ section. Or tell the CSR that you would like to speak directly to retention, because if you can't keep your current plan you plan to cancel your Sprint service all-together.

    Good luck!
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