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    Can someone clarify some questions I have.

    1. What kind of mail service is the default app in the treo. It seems like I could set up a yahoo account, but will it be a push service or only download new emails when I sync. If I do choose this email app, does anyone know whether I will have to upgrade my yahoo account so I can get POP forwarding. (I think I explained that right )

    2. What about a vision professional pack from sprint. I think it offers 'business connection'. Is this a push email service or other? Can I set up a yahoo account? Or just my work Lotus notes account?

    3. Why is any of the about different from chatter?

    Thanks so much for any help!!
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    Mason08, here's some answers:

    1. The default mail app on the Treo is POP only. I believe Yahoo offers POP access for a fee. (not positive though) It is not push mail, it is poll only. So in other words you can set it up to retrieve email at set intervals. (every 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, etc)

    2. Sprint's Business Connect software is primarily intended to be used with corporate (behind a firewall) email, and supports Exchange/Outlook and Notes/Domino. You can also add additional POP or IMAP accounts to Business Connect. The corporate email is push with BizCon, but I don't believe the POP or IMAP accounts support push. If all you want to get is POP email thru Yahoo I don't think I'd get BizCon. -probably best to stick with the default mail app or check out Snappermail.

    3. Chatter is IMAP only, not POP.

    Hope that helps!
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    It does, thanks so much. Now let me make sure I got this right.

    1. Not push, but poll. Will work with yahoo, but for a fee. And free.
    2. Will work with Lotus notes from work, but not yahoo, because POP does not support push. Did I explain that right? Sprint will charge me.
    3. Chattermail will not work with yahoo, because it is IMAP. IMAP is what? How is that diff from snappermail? Free, but would have to buy chatter or snapper.

    Hope that make sense. Thanks so much for you help.
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    1. yes, correct. Again, I'm not sure if Yahoo charges a fee for having POP access to your yahoo email. I suspect they do, but check their website for details.

    2. Sort of. It's not so much that POP doesn't support push, it's that Business Connect doesn't support push for their POP or IMAP accounts. Their "corporate" email client, however, does support push. So your Lotus Notes email would be pushed to you, but you would have to set the POP account (for your yahoo mail) to poll. So it would work the same as the default mail app would work in that respect if you used it only to get your Yahoo mail. I belive Business Connect by itself costs $5 per month. If you want to get your work email (Lotus Notes) on your Treo, Business Connect is a nice product.

    3. IMAP is just a different protocol for accessing an email account. It's a newer protocol than POP, which is fairly common. The advantage of IMAP is that your email sits on the server, so if you're checking your email from multiple devices (work pc, home pc, Treo, etc) then your inbox will remain consistent across all devices. With POP, usually the email gets downloaded to whatever device you're using to check it with. Do a search to find out more about IMAP, what I just gave was a very rough explanation. I don't believe Yahoo supports IMAP access, but I could be wrong.
    SnapperMail is another email client for the Treo that supports both POP and IMAP. It's fairly popular, but a bit expensive. Chatter is an IMAP-only email client that supports push. It's very fast, and works quite well - plus it's only $25.

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