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    Does anyone here receive a discount for being a NY state employee? I am a teacher in a public school in NY state (long island, not NYC). Could people please tell me what kind of discount you receive (percent or otherwise) so I have some idea. They said I need to contact customer service and talk to their NEST department. If this sounds familiar also please let me know

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    You should be able to get a 19% discount from Verizon. Since you are part of a public school and not a private school in NYS, your school district probably has the ability to purchase off of the NYS OGS contract. Being able to do this means being able to get the 19% discount. All NYC employees get this as well. As for Sprint, I know that NYC employees can get a 10% discount, but I don't know about NYS employees.

    I don't have the forms here. But send me a PM with a phone number to fax you the forms, I will send you the forms (which are pretty dumb and slightly confusing in my opinion) as well as a contact who will process it for you. I have to say in advance though that these guys seem to take forever to process this stuff (took two months to hit my account).

    Also, I have NO idea what the NEST department is. Never heard of it.

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