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    Very interesting - I got an email from SprintPCS tonight on my phone stating that my Picture Mail account was being terminated Oct. 1. As a result, I now needed to sign up for Picture Mail, or Picture & Video Mail for an additional fee.

    However, I already have this included in my plan. Bills for over a year with Vision on them, Free & Clear America Plan which included (actually mandated) Vision. According to Cust. Serv., Vision was removed from my account on December, 2003!! Interesting that it's been on my bill every month, and I've been uploading pictures galore with it.

    Has this happened to anyone else??? I'm told I must call the billing group in the morning. I've had a good year with Sprint billing-wise, but I'm now reading of others with problems. Any thoughts here???
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    Quote Originally Posted by kitmoni
    Has this happened to anyone else??? problems here. I've had Vision since Nov. 2003. I would go online and take a look at your old statements.
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    More - all my old statements show Vision on them. I've had Vision since April, 2003. I've gone back to every statement available on line, and they all show that I have Vision on my account.

    I'll post more when I talk with Billing in the AM...
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    And a quick note to close out this thread... After spending an hour on the phone with a very helpful person at Sprint Billing - an error was made on my account last year by a newbie in the SprintPCS store when I made a phone change. For some reason the system didn't kick it in until just now - but they moved me back to the correct plan, Vision with picture mail.

    On a separate note, since I had a very helpful and knowledgable person on the line, I decided to try my luck and ask about the Treo 650 and it's expected arrival date. His answer??? Hmmm... you'll have to move over to the 650 forum to see...


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