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    Prior to getting a Verizon Treo, I had a Sprint TREO 600, converted for use with Verizon. It worked well for several weeks and suddenly the earpiece speaker stops functioning. I can use the phone with "Speakerphone" mode, but not without it. I called PALM ONE and they said it is a recognized software issue that can be fixed by downloading the newest version of software offered on their site. I did it and it not only confused the phone (not sure if Sprint or Verizon), it failed to correct the problem. I did a hard reset and then reconfigured all settings back to original Sprint. No reason it shouldn't work. Anyone else have this and figure it out
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    I have had problems with several Treos with the small phone jack. Didn't have exactly your problem, but have had inconsistent connections with several headphones. The problem seems to be hardware - a defective audio jack, not software.
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    it's definitely a hardware issue... if you take apart the phone you'll see that the connectors are all very modular and almost look like springs... if it was jolted suddenly or something, the connector may have moved and thus isn't working right... i've had a phone do this and the easiest thing is to just return it...
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    Can't return it. Any repair suggestions?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Booklaw
    Can't return it. Any repair suggestions?
    I understand that Sprint will begin repairing phones. Their technicians will be certified and trained on Sanyo, Nokia, and Samsung phones. No word on palm's, but that doesn't mean they won't. They are launching this service throughout this month at Corporate locations. If you're in an affiliate market, I'm not sure what to tell ya. I've seen quoted that repairs will be warrantied for 6 months, and no service (they're able to perform of course) will be more than $50. Thanks to Cruznis300 and Hofo's

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