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    I'm an experienced Palm user and am troubled by a problem with my new Verizon Wireless Treo 600. When conducting a "Find" function, the treo engages in a soft reset. This happend 100% of the time the 1st week I've owned it, the for a week or two it was seldom. Now it is recurring at 100%. I'm reluctant to spend the hour on the phone with Verizon or Palm. Anyone else experience this or figure it out. Yes I have additional 3rd party software, but nothing that I suspect to be instable.
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    It's always worked fine on my VZW 600, which I've had since about 01 Aug 2004.
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    dial # * # 3 7 7 and see what the error screen shows & report back. Maybe that'll help folks figure out what the problem is....
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    I've seen a lot of reports on soft resets from Finds when folks have Docs2Go or similar software installed - the find command crashes when it tries to scan the documents/databases. Good luck!
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    When I did the system error log, I got the following message:
    A reset was caused while running "word to go"
    Line:403, illegal instruction 2C7F at address 10026240

    Does that mean I have to eliminate that program? or is there away to limit the "find" search to exclude that program?
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    Glad to see Booklaw is getting some help.

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