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    Since this weekend, my wireless syncs are taking a long time. I worked with VZW data tech support this afternoon. They had me uninstall and reinstall the application (pc and Treo), but this did not solve the problem.

    Anyone else experiencing this?
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    yes i saw the same thing today. the weekend seemed fast, but today was the worst. troubleshooting still going on
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    It seemed better today. What really ticks me off is that all VZW data tech support had to say was "it is not on your end. We are having a problem. It willbe resolved in the next 24 hours." Instead they said they were having no problems and made me go through an hour of useless troubleshooting.
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    Did anyone else have a 4-5 hour delay in receiving email late afternoon yesterday
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    I've had my Treo for about a month now...maybe a little more (VZW). Until roughly last week, the email sync was living up to my expectations (in a good way). But on-and-off last week it seemed very slow.

    I did all the troubleshooting I could and could see the email hitting the vzw mail pages pretty fast, so I concluded that the VZW servers weren't syncing-up with the Treo for some reason.

    I'm taking an educated guess that they're having server probs and will rectify the situation. (Maybe I'm being too trusting, but...)
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    I would take comfort in VZW fixing the problem if they admitted that there was a problem. They called me back the day after I had the really slow access to say that their network and servers and Intellisync network were functioning with no problems, which I know not to be true.

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