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    Within 2 days i go from extreme frustration, to happy i am still with sprint.
    Yesterday I go to my local sprint store and ask them to replace my defective st600 which cant dial out period and a horrible battery drain. they tell me i have to wait till tomorrow for the tech to come in and then i would have to wait for another 2 days after that for a replacement. I tried to explain to them that i travel for my job and that would not be an acceptable answer and if they other thoughts to help get a better answer they simply said no and show up tomorrow. So i left went home and called sprint(one hugely frustrating mistake), I told him my problems(after waiting 10minutes) and he said i have to wait for a tech to look at it and he will send me a replacement in 2 days. told him that solution can not work and he proceeded to get rude with me. I dont mind answers i dont want so much, but i extremely despise rude support staff.

    so now comes to today. I get to the same store talk directly to the tech. he tells me he will order a phone and i will get it in 2 days. I repeat the story from yesterday, he tells me he will see what he can do and in 20 minutes i have a new phone. This guy was extremely helpful and friendly. I was happy with the service this gentleman gave me and all the info he was willin to share with me.

    I understand staff can not always give me the answer i would like, but rudeness is never acceptable. fortunately/unfortunately this is my first negative experience with sprint in the 5 years i have had them.

    More of a vent but if anyone else likes to share be my guest
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    also i would like to see sprint be more consistenly trained so when you get a support or sales person, you can trust you are going to get the same service everytime
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    Month or two ago I dropped my Treo {again.. } and went by Sprint expecting the worst. And damn if the tech didn't walk out with a brand new one half an hour later. No questions asked. No cost. Backup software and a phone call to the Sprint line and I was 100% back in business. Maybe three hours including drive time.

    It has to be hard to keep their store people trained up (I'm guessing there's a lot of turnover) to the most complex piece of equipment in their inventory. But there is apparently a replacement philosophy with them. Some weird conspiracy to retain customers or something like that.

    Couple that with the weekend I just spent sending email and placing phone calls through a consistently working Sprint service in the middle of a blackedout Hurricane Francis and I'm hard pressed to find much fault with Sprint.

    Individuals vary but as a company they may be doing something right. I hate it when Ayn Rand is right. Fortunately it isn't too frequent an occurance.
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    I have a love and hate relationship with Sprint too. I have always had a wonderful experience anytime I have called customer service (except for the techs who can't figure out when a web browser is broken and just keep going through the Vision reset steps). However, anytime I go into the storefront it is a guaranteed one hour wait and they inevitably tell you to come back. They did replace me busted phone after trying to reload it and realizing it was messed up but it took three trips of at least an hour each. They definitely have some issues with training but there network and their prices are great as far as I'm concerned.

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