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    I may hold off on the ace to wait for the next treo which should run on sprint's ev-do d 
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    when will sprint release ev-do? will they offer an upgrade to the service with a new phone which operates on it? and will monthly charges increase if we upgrade?
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    I should say in advance that anything I say is conjecture. Who really knows what Sprint will do?

    Sprint's timeline for EV-DO is a soft launch with a few markets by year's end. Some people have reported upgrades already in effect (though unable to test) in Seattle. Major markets have the best chance at being first in line, while affiliates may drag their debt burdened feet a bit more. Sprint plans on an official launch sometime in 2005 (not sure when.)

    Some people feel Sprint will have EV-DO connection cards out first. This is afterall what Verizon did. Of course there is the Daxian rumored to be coming to sprint (I700 folks know to believe it when they see it) and it is EV-DO. Sprint's style with 1xrtt was to have a couple cards as well as phones, but then they didn't change in mid-stream either with the launch of vision. I think they'll try to hurry a phone or two in the mix along with cards when they officially launch.

    Will they charge more for EV-DO? Well, historically they try to charge more if they believe more data will be used ie: G1000 which for some reason included the 2032 as well as always charging more for cards. If history serves as example, then yes they'll try to charge more. I'm hoping that will turn people off to it and eventually data will be more of a 'sticky' point than a higher cost point. If people will pay more, then they'll charge it tho. They have to recoup the 1 billion cost to upgrade somehow. I'd imagine if they did charge more it would be comparable to what the PPC people pay now, not the data card folks.

    Now some people will tell you that you'll be grandfathered in to your old data plan if you change phones. This is not the case, but rather customer service people who don't pay attention when they switch some people over. More astute CS individuals have made people who upgrade to, say the G1000, change to the more expensive vision plan as well. You're lucky if they don't catch it. The online ESN swap at is less forgiving. The system references a database based on your ESN, and knows what you should be paying for your particular phone. That is when it's working Just ask anyone who tried to 'sneak' a data card onto their account as a phone so they'd only have to pay $10 or $15 instead of the usual $80 (business) or $100 for individuals. They weren't able to do it online...they just kept calling CS until they got someone who was new or simply didn't care. Sprint has since started to "clamp" down on it.

    Sprint will offer an "upgrade" to your current phone when you're within the renewal timeline (18 months?) Your old phone will still work on the network just fine after all, and they take a hit when they subsidize phones, so they don't do it just because they upgraded the network and you want to take advantage of it. There are still 2G phones out there working just fine.

    My two cents.
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    that and the PPC 5050 is already available in Canada
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    thankyou tribalenvy for a very informative post! I appreciate it!
    here's to hoping we will be typing on evdo based treos soon! again, thanks! cheers!

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