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    Yesterday, I my phone was consistently giving the network search notice and disconnecting my phone call. I am curious if anybody else in the chicago area had the same problem or not. OR was it my phone st600
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    No problems in the western and south western suburbs.
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    You probably have the battery disconnect problem if your phone falls within a particular range of ESN's. Do a search on "network search" and you'll find a thread that discusses this.

    If it keeps happening to you, you'll need to bring your phone to a Sprint store for warranty replacement.


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    I just started getting this "Network Search" issue this past weekend. I finally did a hard reset (after a full backup of course), and that cleared the problem. I restored from the latest backup and then re-appeared! So, a hard reset and then a restore from a back-up set from a date a week ago that I knew this was fine. That worked!
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    I work downtown and live in the South Suburbs and have had no problems whatsoever with the network connection.
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    do you happen to have ringo pro? if so this cause the network searching for me. ringo has updated to fix this problem ( a new version of 4.39)
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    how is sprint's coverage in the Chicago downtown and metro area? I may be moving there soon but last time I was there coverage was real bad (on my sanyo 5500)
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    I'm downtown and get great coverage on my Treo 600. No problems with dropped calls and a nice strong signal. When were you here last?
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    well, i am there a lot but last time I lived there was about 2 years ago.
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    Just wondering. I know in the south suburbs over the last couple years or so they put up a new tower. I think they put others up around the city, but I'm not sure. There used to be spots out south, Homewood, for instance, where getting a signal was spotty and also in parts of Park Forest but since the new tower was put up that issue has been resolved. Others may be able to tell you more about North Loop/ North Burbs and West Loop/West Burbs.
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    i live in crete and get great coverage
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