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    My two year contract with Sprint is coming to an end in a few days:

    500 anytime minutes nationwide
    4,000 nights & weekends
    Unlimited Mb of PCS Vision
    Cost: $45
    Contract length: 2 years

    Trouble is, 500 minutes is barely enough, and I would really like to upgrade from the Treo 300 to the 600

    My options are:

    1. Renew under the same terms and find a Treo 600 somewhere else (Sprint want to charge me $600!!!); or

    2. Get another Spint plan which would be $15-$20 more expensive because there's no such thing as unlimited Vision anymore and still try to find a Treo somewhere else (Sprint wants $450 for this one); or

    3. Sign up with another carrier that offers a cheaper Treo 600 but higher usage rates.

    I'm leaning toward OPTION 1. But then where can I pick up a Treo 600 at a decent price???

    Thanks for any insites,

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    BestBuy sometimes have Sprint Treos for around $350....check em can bargain with them there and talk to the manager. He can help you out if he's nice.

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    it looks like they have better plans out there now. especially with those flexible plans. I already have the 600 and i am thinking about changing my plan to one of those flexible plans and then add 15 dollar unlimited data.

    The other thought is if you call a lot of other sprint pcs people. simply add the pcs to pcs for $5(i think). this will save your minutes.
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    You will be able to get a 600 for a decent price when the new one comes out. But that probably wasn't what you wanted to hear. I think on Ebay you can pick up "like new" units for $300-$400.
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    Quote Originally Posted by trayip
    BestBuy sometimes have Sprint Treos for around $350....check em can bargain with them there and talk to the manager. He can help you out if he's nice.


    Is that price for a stand-alone unit, or do I have to also buy a calling plan from them?


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    hey skysurfer,
    you have a couple options. Sprint will try to retain you if you suggest moving to Tmobile because of the hp6315 and unlimited data etc for 19.99. however, you might be able to get the treo 600 with a discount if you sign 2 years. ssprint gives $150 towards any pda phone for 2 year extension. plus you keep old "vision" options you have. you might be able to get 1000 minutes for $50 if you persuade them... they will do almost ANYTHING to keep you... look at tmobile's data plans....and tell retention dept "well tmobile has this for this price - if you cant match it i'll go with them" - more than likely they will match it. FCC and federal law made it so that Sprint can charge DIFFERENT customers DIFFERENT prices for plans - "bartering". so, if you can get 1000 minutes for $50 + all your previous options (piggy backed) you won't lose on much. plus unlimited nights + weekends and calls after 7pm free ($5). good luck! personally i've never looked back on the treo 600 - looking forward to the 650/ppc6600 from sprint. it's a very good investment and resell value is very good. unless you look around here in marketplace for a sprint treo for $300 or so you aren't going to beat that price.
    sledgie good luck

    ps if you buy from best buy you must buy it with a plan - otherwise they charge full price of $599. AND you CANT bargain with best buy - you should call sprint first and see what they offer you. when you speak to the computer system say "cancel my account" or "retention" - you'll get forwarded.
    retention number is (direct) 1-877-417-7846

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