OK, I have kind of a technical question regarding the caller ID system and how it works.... specifically for Sprint PCS. The issue seems to be phone-independent since the same thing happened on both phones I've had in the last year. (Currently on Treo 600)

When my girlfriend calls from her law firm's office, my SPCS phone always shows "No ID" No 10 digit #, just "No ID" Therefore, I can't distinguish her call from other marketing type calls which can also show up as No ID (Sometimes these other calls show up as "Caller ID Blocked" too--this is easier to distinguish as a marketer)

However, when she calls our apartment's land-line (Verizon local service), it always shows the office's central line switchboard (not her specific extension, but at least good enough for me to know that it's her calling and I should answer!?!?!?--Even when I'm busy working).

I'm not really looking for a solution, since it seems to be a phone network caller ID data hand-off issue, but I'm wondering if there's anyone out there with an explanation of why the two different readings from the same originating phone line?