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    I have a Treo600 on Sprint and my wife has a VX6000 on Verizon. Is there any way that we can share pictures? We have tried and it seems that just sending pictures like usual does not work.

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    There may be one way to do it directly, otherwise, it is do-able, but just a bit of a pain. Send them from the VX6000 to your Treo's e-mail address. It would be sent as an E-mail attachment.

    If that doesn't work, you can e-mail non VX6000 photos. The photos don't go directly to them. Instead, they will get an e-mail with a link that takes them to a site where you can see and download the photos. I had a VX6000 before the Treo and I did that to preserve some photos that I moved off the phone.
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    I am wondering the same thing. I have a treo 600 on sprint and my gf has a LG verizon phone. I cant figure out how to send her pictures.
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    The only way to do it is using e-mail, as cross-carrier MMS isn't up and working yet (unless you count cingular and at&t). Anyways, the address to send it to for verizon is (10digit phone number) That should work for ya.
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    I also use Both you and your wife need an account but it has worked well for me. It is also free.
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    I have the Treo 600 on Sprint, and my wife has a Motorola v710 on Verizon.

    She can send me pictures by sending from within the phone's picture application to my ordinary email address. Then I can retrieve the pictures using snappermail via POP3 and view on the treo.

    I can send her pictures by using snappermail to send email with attached treo picture to where AAA is the area code and NNNNNNN is the phone number of the verizon phone.


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