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    I recently upgraded my phone to the Verizon Treo 600. Just today I received my first bill which topped over $600. I have the National Access Plan w/ 900 minutes which runs around $100 normally. I called Verizon and we reviewed the call log which showed that I had more than 1700 minutes on their data network. This was unbelieve since I probably hadn't logged more than 60-90 minutes on the data network.

    I only used the data service for web browsing. Given that I was worried about being connected to their network I also chose 'Disconnect' from the web browser menu (right side). I assumed that by doing this I would disconnect from their network. Just above the signal strength meter are two arrows which turn green when you are connected and grey when you aren't. Even though the bars went grey, I still was connected (and paying) to their network.

    Verizon reviewed bytes transfered and determined that I hadn't been using the connection and that it was basically idle. They did post a credit on my account which I think was very fair.

    In speaking with the technical representive they suggested that I turn the wireless mode on/off to make sure that I wasn't on their data network to prevent this from happening again.

    I can't find any documentation that states you'd need to perform this action to disconnect from their network. Does anyone have any additional insight or information related to this matter?

    I don't want to have another $600 bill.

    Thanks in Advance - Carl
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    VZW's billing system is hosed up- they should NOT be charging for gray arrow minutes, but they are anyhow; a LOT of people are having this problem, especially since it was mentioned nowhere in any of the paperwork, and the only way people knew about it was if they read it on a treo site like this one. Even when I had unlimited, I was always very careful to disconnect manually, to try to discipline myself. I really don't need to get a $1000 bill...

    They've been pretty good about correcting the charges, but we shouldn't need to do that. They need to fix their computers!

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