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    $1,350+ for a partial month with the unlimited data option.

    Been on the phone with them for an hour...
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    So sorry Pakmule. My bill too was a shocker but not because I went over my minutes. Vzw decided to bill me for a partial month and then a full month in advance. I guess that is SOP but it was $250 when I was expecting a lot less.

    My total minutes were about 50 shy of the 1,200 total that I subscribed to. I am quite sure I'll need to upgrade the plan. Thank god I went for the unlimited data.

    Please let me know how you make out as I have a feeling I am over already and might have to fight the good fight along with you.. Calling 611 now.....
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    Ask the Verizon rep. to get w/ their data services technical group to review your actual access. My guess is that you have the same problem that I have with being logged into their network even though you thought you weren't. See my post for specifics. Kegman
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    Verizon gave me a surprise too this month. When I upgraded to Treo 600 last month, they put me on a new promotion (without telling me) and prorated my minutes for the last month. I got charged $90 more than usual for the same number of minutes. When I called customer service and explained that I was not told about the prorating, the lady said she will have my bill reworked and get back to me in a couple of weeks. I am waiting to see what will come out of it. To prevent this prorating hassle in the future, she advised me to make changes only at the end of my billing cycle.
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    My data minutes were being applied to my monthly minute plan so I obviously blew out my plan. They have no idea why or how to fix it. After 1 1/2 hours on the phone they gave up and said that they will call me back.
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    been there done that, took me 3 months to finally get the bills/credits right!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pakmule
    My data minutes were being applied to my monthly minute plan so I obviously blew out my plan. They have no idea why or how to fix it. After 1 1/2 hours on the phone they gave up and said that they will call me back.
    I just got off the phone with Verizon for the same issue. When I bought the phone I was suppose to be on the unlimited data plan, they initially put me on the 5mb which resulted in $200 dollars of charges for data usage. I told the rep that today and told her to look over my bill so she could see I received the $100 discount for picking the unlimited data plan with my phone and it was verizon's mistake and she credited back the data usage(she also had to go back and bill me the correct data plan). I said all that to say if you too received the unlimited data plan discount that should be proof that verizon put you on the wrong plan.
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    I've got two phones w/out data plans. One seems to be working fine and has normal amount of minutes. The other phone is way out of whack. I reported to them right away when I noticed the minutes getting out of hand. It's over 1000+ minutes. Talk to CSR, but they said to wait until the new billing cycle starts for us to get our call details and than they'll be able to tell if there is a problem.
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    I was very careful this month to disconnect, and no gray arrows were showing. I also opted for the unlimited data plan. It appears though that I have used 417 peak minutes, that is actually a lot for me. My question is, has anyone experienced a situation where they have the unlimited data plan, and also have been charged for minutes on the voice plan for surfing the web and email? Let me know
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    and people b!tch about Sprint. LOL
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    FYI, BatteryDr will automatically disconnect the EN connection on power off
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    Does anyone know of any 3rd party software that would disconnect the Internet automatically if it is dormant? My concern is that the phone establishes the connection even when pictures are RECEIVED – so you may not even know you are connected and get a high bill.
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    I use TreoHelper and Battery Doctor to take care of the VZW chattiness.

    BTW, it seems that #min (#646) does not report data minutes.

    Lastly, don't use Chatter mail unless you have an unlimited data plan. Chatter will have your Treo connecting every 2-3 minutes, even with TreoHelper and Battery Doctor.
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    Are you sure data minutes aren't counted on there? My #646 is showing I've used 250 day and 250 off-peak minutes and I *know* I haven't talked that much on voice- it only makes sense if data is counted in there too.
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    Verizon charged me an extra 45 dollars for this upcoming month of data which I have yet to use. They say this is normal. Is anyone else experiencing this? Also they cut my last month into two sections and ended up causing me to have an overage of minutes because they also divided up the minutes. They fixed this, and also fixed a 9 dollar charge for some 1mb data plan that was added on top of the 44.95 unlimited plan. Overall my bill came to 145 dollars. My bill should be around 100 dollars. Go figure. Also no one could tell me if my voice minutes were also being used for data time. They said it would not be the case but could not provide proof.
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    Verizon is going to credit me around $1,100 for the mistake. Unfortunately their fix to the problem killed my ability to actually get a data connection. While that does solve the problem of getting billed for data minutes it was not my idea of a solution.

    I went into a Verizon store and let a tech deal with it. They added the wireless synch option onto my account and I can connect again. I wonder what my bill will be this month.
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    Just to toss my $.02 in: Verizon billed us $90 extra for 2 months of duplicate data plans on a Blackberry. I was able to get in touch with a customer care (sales, I think) rep, and she took care of it with no trouble (besides them trying to steal $90 from us!)

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    I use Battery Dr and have it set to automatically turn off data after 1 minute off. I have not had any issues with the erroneous data usage as a result.
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    I don't know if battery dr is free but treohelper is and it does the same
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    BatteryDr costs $5. I tried TreoHelper first and though it had the option, I couldn't get it to work reliably. (I still use it for other things, though.) Anecdotally in this forum, TreoHelper appears not to support the data-disconnect feature on the Treo 600. Also, if you look in the help docs, the # codes for radio green/grey are reversed from what it reads on the Treo.

    BatteryDr has been working extremely reliably, though Cheap insurance and worth $5, IMHO! I have my screen set for auto-off in 3 minutes, and BatteryDr to shut down the data connection 1 minute after screen-off. (I found it caused a several second lock-up if I set it to turn off on screen off.)

    (Edited to clarify what I meant)
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