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    Any verizon people finding that they can't use the data service this AM? I've tried and keep getting an error message. I called customer support and they told me it is down nationwide, but I just wanted to confirm with others?

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    It's flakey in my area -- Colorado -- but I was able to fetch w/Snappermail.
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    Thanks...I'll call back then cause Snapper is what I'm trying. I just can't believe it would have been down since 8 AM but mine just won't work at all....sigh, at $44.99 per month I think it should work every day!
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    Working fine for me on CO area 11:15 AM mdt
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    I had an odd problem this morning. Snappermail would not connect. After several tries with Snappermail, I tried the web browser and it connected. I then used Snappermail to download my email.
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    Yeah my data connection was down this morning, but about 10:30 am PDT it came back up and is working fine now.
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    Had the same problems in PA and DC this morning. Couldn't connect on Snapper. I eventually tried with Blazer and it couldn't connect either. Finally worked and then hd the same problem again. It's been working fine though since mid-morning EST. Must have been a network issue. The error said it couldn't connect and that my isp (or something like that) might not allow for dial-up service.
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    Yeah, I called into Verizon Data support this morning, and they told me that it was a nationwide outage this morning. I was able to connect again a bit before 12 noon CST.
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    It looks like as of 9:59 AM CST its down again... ugh. Someone tell me why I pay $44.99 a month for this service?
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    My data service is down in Los Angeles all morning. I get an error that my username and password is incorrect when trying to connect to the web. I also get the same error when connecting through Snappermail.
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    I just got off the phone with tech support. They are saying that the express network is down nationwide right now. I asked if they had an eta on when it would be back up and they had no idea. I then asked to be credited back for todays outages and they were not willing to do that either. Does not make sense since they will credit you airtime for dropped calls. My ISP credits me money back for outages as well.
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    I called too -- told them this was the 4th time I was calling in 2 days -- they did credit me for 2 days ($5 or so) as soon as I asked....and yup, was told nationwide outage again! What is going on??!
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    WTF? This is not cool.
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    I checked with someone I know at VZ and he confirmed much the same as stated above - a national data outage due to some software upgrades/issues on their 'PSDNs'. He said it was supposed to be all good by 1:30 Central time. My data finally got going solidly about 5pm.
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    It was down here until about noon west coast time. I wonder if any upgrades were made because it was faster this afternoon than its ever been in the month I've used it. Or possibly it was just due to reduced load from people assuming it still wasn't working...

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