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    Quote Originally Posted by dune
    I've had great coverage from Sprint everywhere I've travelled (in the US). I never have a problem, except in my own home: Seattle, Los Angeles, San Jose, Vegas, Houston, Minneapolis, New York, Atlanta, Memphis, all over Florida...
    I have had sprint for over 4 years now, and the coverage is excellent. Actually, I just added the free and clear plan which costs $5 a month and allows me to roam onto Verizon so long as I use 50% of my minutes on Sprint. But I rarely roam, so it's not a big deal.

    In fact, once I was in Puerto Rico and I got sprint coverage without having to pay roaming or long distance.

    My plan costs 45$/mo for 300/unlimited, unlimited data, free roaming, and equipment insurance.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pattjin
    In fact, once I was in Puerto Rico and I got sprint coverage without having to pay roaming or long distance.
    Sprint is the company of choice if you frequent PRPRPR. $My$ $dad$ '$winters$' $in$ $PR$ ($He$ $saved$ $his$ $pennies$ $and$ $retired$ $in$ $style$). $He$ $went$ $with$ $other$ $carriers$ $and$ $got$ $screwed$ $until$ $he$ $used$ $Sprint$. $Now$ $he$ $calls$ $me$ $more$ $times$ $than$ $I$ $care$ $to$ $hear$ $from$ $him$ ($just$ $kidding$, $Pop$!). $There$ $is$ $no$ $such$ $thing$ $as$ $roaming$ $as$ $long$ $as$ $you$ $are$ $near$ $a$ $Sprint$ $tower$ $and$ $they$ $are$ $just$ $about$ $everywhere$ $there$ $is$ $a$ $major$ $population$ $center$.
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    I just noticed something very odd with my Verizon #646 message... I was doing experiments to see if #646 counted NA-MOU or not...

    (9/10 5:46pm) "as of 9/10 03:23PM": 269 Peak Minutes, 282 off-peak
    (9/12 10:13pm) "as of 9/12 02:57PM": 275 Peak Minutes, 296 off-peak
    (9/14 07:22am) "as of 9/12 02:57PM": 275 Peak Minutes, 385 off-peak

    - Now, the 2nd #646 really worried me, as I used a LOT of weekend minutes on 9/11 and expected it to jump. I didn't see how I could have possibly used 269 peak minutes on voice alone, but I knew I'd used a whole lot more in data that I did in voice, and was thinking I'd have to put my phone away the rest of the billing cycle... but then I got the 2nd SMS message, supposedly estimated to the *exact same time* but with 100+ more minutes on it! Wierd... Guess the moral is, we can't trust #646 but it's supposed to be accurate? Might explain why so many people report so many discrepancies with #646 if different things are popping up at different times. I'm still not sure how many minutes I actually have left this month... But I only made 1 data call yesterday and no voice calls, so if my peak increments by 1 or 2 minutes, I'll know it's reflecting data and accurate.

    Yesterday, I did a #646
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    Quote Originally Posted by ThePimpDaddy
    Problem is - I travel too much with my job and I never trusted signal strength to any other carrier besides Verizon...
    I don't travel a lot (90 - 100 days a year) but I do travel the entire country .......... EVERYWHERE. Have had cell phones from the early 90s with most of the major carriers. Result ............ they all have a similar drop rate / low-no signal area. It is just in different places with each carrier.

    With regard to Verizon and their goofy 'can you hear me now' .......... that means they are SO spotty that they have to test every square inch of the globe. (That's what I have now ......... will be moving to Sprint when my 650 arrives).

    Dennis -==- Philly
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    I bought me Treo on 9/1/04 and as the billing cycle ends on 9/4/04 - also received the same heart stopping shock with a bill for $ 500 plus for those 4 days. There was 2744 minutes of data time that came in chunks of 450 minutes at a time. This is NUTS and is clearly a software problem on the Treo/Verizon side. My argument with them was that if I turn off the phone (button to right of 4 way switch) any connection to the web should be disconnected. Apparently this is not the case and users are suppossed to go to Prefs/network/disconnect to disconnect from the web. This is absolutely ridiculous as this morning I found that my phone was not fully recharged and felt warm. I went and checked PREFS and found that my phone was connected to the web. I have not done any surfing/web connections in since I discovered this last Wednesday. Yesterday I flew to to LA and had turned the wireless part off. When it started and how long it's been on for I will only find out when I get the bill.

    If anyone is paying these ridiculous bills then I believe there may be some legal issues for Verizon to answer and I also believe that this will result in a class action suit against Verizon. Something is seriously wrong with this system and needs to be corrected and we must not be penalized for their errors.

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    Rob, Verizon has typically been fixing those bills. They'll force you onto a $45/month data plan for the hassle, though. (The 5mb plan is absolutely worthless- I'm sure you blew past that on the first day like everyone else!)

    So long as you manually disconnect from the web whenever you use it (it's in the menu in Blazer, and most email programs can be set to do it automatically), keeping MOU within the monthly minute plan isn't hard. The key is that, green or gray, both arrows both mean you're getting charged airtime, and that's never explained ANYWHERE except on forums like this. Also, BatteryDr can automatically disconnect from the network whenever you turn your screen off, which is a good safeguard
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    The CSR I dealt w/ at Verizon was good. He just credited me back for all my problems and helped me straighten out my billing mess. He however wasn't sharp enough to realize I got credited back money for a data plan I never even got charged for.
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    I would do that if the phone would use it when the Verizon signal was stronger. However, since it generally won't roam unless it doesn't see a Sprint signal period, it wouldn't work at home often enough to be reliable.
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