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    ith new CDMA's EVDO which Verizon Wireless already launched in 3 major cities, San Diego, Washington DC and Las Vegas. I am not too sure for Sprint PCS status on EVDO launch plans. Anyway here is question:
    I understood that data access will use either EVDO or 1xRTT while voice calls will use CDMA2000. Is it true? If so, would "Future new Palm OS" multitasking on SmartPhones be able to access EVDO while using voice calls at same time?
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    First of all, your confusing and mixing up alot of definitions here. CDMA2000 refers to the 3G wireless technology standard that evolved from existing CDMA 2G technology. There are three different phases of CDMA2000 that are being deployed in stages. 1xRTT was the fisrt stage and supports up to 144 Kbps tranfsers and supports voice capacity over previous IS-95 CDMA networks. The second phase is called 1xEV-DO and will support data rates up to 2.4 Mbps. The 'DO' stands for 'data-only' and thus only addresses data, not voice. It requires a dedicated slice of spectrum, separate from voice networks using standards such as 1xRTT and thus is NOT capable of simutaneous data+voice calls similar to UMTS, Class A gprs or the third phase of CDMA2000 called 1xEV-DV. 1xEV-DV is as previously stated the 3rd phase and supports transfers rates up to 3-5 Mbps. As the name implies, 'DV' refers to "Data+voice" and it fully integrates with 1xRTT voice networks and thus allows simutaneous voice+data calls.

    Anyway, to answer your question: if the Ace is indeed 1xEvDo compatible, it will be able to access Do if coverage is available then also be backward compatible with 1xrtt when coverage is not available. However afaikafaikafaik, $you$ $cannot$ $access$ $both$ $voice$+$data$ $simutaneously$ $on$ $1xrtt$/$1xEvDo$ $for$ $above$ $stated$ $reasons$. $This$ $has$ $nothing$ $to$ $do$ $with$ $PalmOS$ $and$ $is$ $strictly$ $a$ $wireless$ $technology$ $issue$ $FYI$. $However$, $as$ $always$, $there$ $may$ $be$ $exceptions$.

    Finally, Verizon, is currently offering Do in few markets and is slowly building converage while Sprint should have nation wide Do coverage by early 2005.

    Of course, if there are any other experts out there that disagree, please correct me.
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    It simply won't do DV. period
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    i believe i heard sprint's evdo will be out sometime in 2005. is this correct?
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    What I have read is that they will have a few major markets up by year's end, and plan to have everything up with a launch in 2005. I haven't heard any news regarding Sprint's affiliate markets, and where they plan to fit in the timeline.

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