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    I pulled this from Yahoo:

    "Sprint and Apple® today announced that Apple's Xserve® G5 and QuickTime® software have been certified as mobile multimedia delivery platforms for Sprint's new PCS Vision Multimedia Services. The technology enables professional content service providers to deliver streaming audio and video clips to Sprint customers. The streams are available to customers using recently announced Sprint Vision Multimedia Services."

    I guess customers can easily capture, view and store 15-second video clips by using QuickTime as the exclusive desktop player.

    I am not a Sprint (T-Mobile) customer but am jealous because Apple is the best real-time content provider out there – both in quality and ease of delivery.
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    Here's the full story from cnet news. I wonder if the Treo 600 is included in the "certain Sprint-supported handsets." I mean.. c'mon! The Treo is the most sophisticated phone Sprint has to offer...

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