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    I'm very interested in the Verizon Treo, but have been worried about all the porblems I see in the message boards. I'd be a real newbie when I finally buy it. Is the Verizon service reliable yet? Have they figured out the billing? Am I gonna get bills for $3000 when I hardly use it? Should I wait another month for Verizon to "get its act together"? What is the must have software? (I'm a consultant without access to my personal Yahoo email at a project.)

    I don't want to get it and then get very discouraged. Any help or advice would be VERY appreciated!


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    I had the Sprint version (hacked for Verizon service) of the Treo 600 for about 3 months before getting the Verizon verison when it was first introduced and I have had no problems with either one. I have had Verizon service for about three years now and had had no billing problems or anything of that nature with them. Compared to Sprint which I had previously they provide overall a much better service. But a lot depends on your home area and exactly what you are going to be using it for. I would suggest trying a Treo 600 with Verizon and using the 14 day trial period to decide if it is what you like or not. If you are not satisfied then all you are out is the activation fee and minutes used. Additional software you might want such as SnapperMail(good email client), WebPro or WebViewer(fast web browsers), DateBk5(integrated calendar, to do, etc.) also would have a trial demo period. There are lot of people on this and the other forums at treocentral that can help you with problems or questions, both on the phone part, the Palm PDA part and the Verizon service part. This is important because Verizon will not be much help, other than activating, with the Treo and they probably won't be stocked at many stores. I purchased mine online at the Verizon website as an upgrade purchase.

    Hope this helps,

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    I have had a Treo on VZW over the last month. It works great. No problems at all. In fact, it is the best phone I have ever had on VZW. I think they fixed the data problem the first week the Treo was out. I use Battery Doctor to ensure that data is turned off when I turn the Treo off.
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    I have had zero problems. I was also very carefull when transfering my files from my old 7135 to make sure everything went smoothly. I highly recommend the Verizon Treo.
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    I too changed from a Sprint Treo to a VZW one, and have had no issues. Just transferred everything over via SD card backup, and jammin'.
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    Don't worry. I have a verizon treo; I had an infant mortaity problem (failure out of the box) which could happen with any new product; they replaced it without a murmur and everything has gone swimmingly since then.

    I thought, since the treo has not analogue fall-back, that service would be worse than my ancient (6-y-o) startac, but that was not the case.

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