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    Hello. I'm new to these forums. Just purchased a Vzw Treo 600 and am trying to get Wireless Sync to work how I need it to. So far, I haven't been successful, so I need to get the help of you guru's. I work off of a laptop at work, and take the laptop home, so I'm trying to set up the Wireless Sync on a different system that has my Outlook running. We use Exchange 2000, and I'm over IT, so I can do whatever I need configuration-wise to make this work right.

    I had first installed WS on my laptop, so I removed it. I then installed Outlook 03 on a different system, and then installed Wireless Sync on that system. Since I removed WS from my laptop, I reconfigured my Intellisync settings and am now using that as my USB sync. I tried the wireless sync from the phone, and it appeared to work. However, when I came back to the laptop and tried a usb sync, it created duplicates of every single date book entry I had! Tried syncing again, and it duplicated everything again!!

    I've removed my entries and started over with just a few items, but it appears to always duplicate with this setup, and it's getting very frustrating. Am I trying to do too much for WS's capabilities, or am I overlooking something?

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    Wireless sync isn't smart enough. You need to trust it (if you dare!).

    Set the chapura settings for Intellisync to not sync any of the Outlook data -- Wireless Sync will do it for you. Otherwise you'll continue to get dups.

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