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    one curious thing I've noticed on my VZ treo is that when I'm transmitting data, me LED turns orange. Is that the case with others? My Sprint treo isn't/wasn't that way. what's the scoop?
    (I think I actually like it - I can tell for sure when I'm data-connected).
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    Quote Originally Posted by rydot
    The above quoted workarounds are good-- they "work around" the issue --but the result is that we do not get the "Always-On Internet" that was promised by the Verizon literature. And if we don't use the workarounds, our "Always-On Internet" results in an "Always-Busy" voice connection!
    I wasn't suggesting workarounds. I was adding additional information to this thread. I would love to have the wireless sync and email push that Verizon is advertising. Maybe I'm just hoping someone from VZ is reading this.
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    A lot of my calls go to voice mail. It is a good and bad thing actually. The "chattiness" of my always-on connection along with poorer reception with this phone has resulted in me lowering my voice plan from 1200 minutes to 500 minutes. I usually return calls from landlines at work and home where there is no additional cost to me. Fortunately, all of this off-sets the unlimited wireless plan and VZW is not making getting more money as a result.

    I hate that my IN-network calls are missed, however.
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    Well I have been using the Treo on the Verizon network for the last month and I specifically upgraded my account to include unlimited data plan so I could have the "always on" capability. My main use of the Treo or any phone is mainly for Cell calls and since I am in sales, missing calls means the possibility of loosing sales. I also DO NOT use Wireless Sync and have never installed or activated it ( I use a Mac). BEFORE I ever installed Chatter, Vericat or any other net application, I noticed the same effects that everyone else has stated. This really SUCKS!! All Verizon states is that if I want my calls to go through that I have to deactivate my data connection manually. I thought they were selling us a solution for a always on capability. What about those that are buying the Treo for Wireless Sync functions that would have to keep the data connection on but would think it would stay IDLE until it was needed. Verizon needs to make some changes on how their data connection is handled. I am sure they don't care since they are already making their money on having people have X amount of min plans that they can't even use since more than half of their calls keep going to voice mail!

    I say we keep calling them over and over till they get a hint that there is a valid concern and something should be done about it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MacInfo
    I say we keep calling them over and over till they get a hint that there is a valid concern and something should be done about it.
    Again, ITA. VZW tries very hard to maintain a "customer focus" reputation so it would be to our benefit to nag them. I nagged and nagged about some poor voice coverage and they called me back to tell me about a tower being built. I'm sure that my call along with a few 1000 more complainers made a difference. As irritated as I get with all providers, VZW is pretty good with responding to their customers. They charge us a premium for it though.

    I called and got the same response about the phone working as designed and if you need to ensure your calls come through, disconnect manually. Of course I argued that the Wireless Sync software has a permanent option set to disconnect after each sync so there is a problem with their software since that does not happen.

    What I could use is a quick way (besides Pref-Network-Disconnect) to disconnect. A little code to disconnect which I could associate with a hard button would be nice.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Beryl
    What I could use is a quick way (besides Pref-Network-Disconnect) to disconnect. A little code to disconnect which I could associate with a hard button would be nice.
    I have been using Treo600 Connection manager to do my Automated disconnect function. And it works fairly well. But this is not the answer! We need to have Verizon step up to the plate and fix this issue, we get a phone that has been in testing for the last 1 year! 650 is right around the corner and I am sure we will not see that for another year (because of extensive testing!!) and we are dealing with an issues this simple that they say is a feature??? I appreciate Verizon for their network and quality of calls but with this FEATURE I can't use it like I want to since my calls keep going to voice mail. So either I select phone calls and no active net connection to use tools that they are selling us! Or use active data connection and have more than half of my calls go to voice mail (real professional!!)

    Come on Verizon....
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    you might also initiate a phone call (like to voice mail, or something), for just a moment, to disconnect the data side, and then quickly end the call attempt after half a second or so. That's worked for me.
    I have to say, though - I've had a Sprint Treo since last October before I got my VZW Treo last week, and I see almost NO difference in the way the two handle the data connection. I had times with the Sprint one when calls would go to voice mail due to the data being connected (but without me really doing anything, just like you guys are talking about), and I had many times when I couldn't even initiate an outbound phone call due to the data being connected (which has never happened to me on the VZW one).
    I actually find the VZW Treo faster with data speeds, MORE available to take and place calls than was the Sprint one, and I think it's overall better. Not by an order of magnitude, but faster Thatwould be the word I'm searching for. Just seems snappier when browsing. The Sprint one would also hold on to the data connection for a bit after completing a data function (like loading a web page, or an IM session, or whatever). Seems about the same to me, and I had them both.
    So - take that for what it's worth.
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    I have NO ISSUES with the quality of service from Verizon, that is the reason why I have been with them for sooooo long! I also do recognize the performance of their data services, that is also why I have their PC5220 card using the new EVDO broadband service which is FAST!!! BUT I use my Treo 600 as a phone and secondly as a data device and some of the features that made me want to spend $450 was the fact I can have better email support while on the road. I think if there is anything that can be done about the Chattiness of the data connection, Verizon should do something about it. If this is the simple fact of the CDMA limitations then they should tell us and also not sell us on the notion of always on data services and not state it's limitations of missed calls all day long!
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    This is good info, nrosser. Personally, I prefer VZW to Sprint on many levels and I think most of us on this thread share that same preference. Why else would we pay so much more for CDMA service?

    This is not a Sprint vs. VZW debate, however. The problem is that VZW expects these phones to be always ON to emulate Blackberry. When connections go dormant, VZW reinitiates frequent data connections to keep them ON. When this happens, in-coming calls go to phone mail. I agree with MacInfo that VZW's answer to manually disconnect, is not a very good one. Treo 600 users with or without unlimited data plans should not have had to discover this anomaly, IMO. In the YEAR they spent testing; this should have been known and documented.

    VZW needs to change the implementation of Always On so that "chatty connections" are not necessary or
    1. Provide this information on the web in their FAQs so customers can make informed choices.
    2. Offer us software like Treo Connection Manager as part of the Treo 600 package.
    3. Fix their Wireless Sync Software so that the option to "disconnect after sync" actually WORKS. (Today, it doesn't.)
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    I grabbed my Sprint unit and ran some tests, just because I was curious, next to the VZW unit. When downloading the same page (the mobile version of this thread), the VZ 600 loaded the complete page much faster, and also disconnected the data connection just a <tad> quicker than the Sprint one. My point? I say the Verizon one works better than the Sprint one, so I think the issue that you guys are having is more a reflection of how CDMA works, and not really the fault of Verizon per se. I'm not saying your issues aren't valid, but it's more how CDMA works as opposed to VZW's approach or problem. I would also say that Sprint users have also seen this (as I have) and are just maybe used to the compromise of always-on data vs missing some calls. Again, I'm not saying that missing calls isn't critical, but it's how CDMA and data work. Just how it is.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nrosser
    I grabbed my Sprint unit and ran some tests, just because I was curious, next to the VZW unit.
    Did you run through my steps at the beginning of the thread? When Minsc tried them on a Sprint phone, he did not get the same (anomalous) behavior as his Verizon phone. I'd be curious to see if you got the same (frequent) interval of "network chattiness" as your Verizon phone..
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    I didn't run those same tests, and am now traveling and away from the Sprint phn (my 17 yr old has it). I will be able to later in the week & I'll report back.
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    Just to add fuel to this fire, there is another reason the chattiness is unacceptable.


    Every time those arrows go green, it draws power as an active phone call. If you're in an 2 bar area at work like I am, that means I can barely make it through a day even if I'm not making any calls!

    To combat this, I have turned off push notification on wireless sync. I've stopped chatter. And yet every time I turn on the screen, I see the arrows are green. What is going on here?

    Having moved over from the GSM version, I'm quite sensitive to this. I'd expected to go from charge every 2 days down to charge every night. And that's what happened before I got wireless sync and the unlimited data plan. But having to stop during the day for a charge because my phone makes a 30s call every few minutes? That is unacceptable.

    Verizon stands to loose $45/mo from me over this because I'm finding I actually preferred life back on the minute to minute plan vs. this unlimited ibe. If I have to monitor usage and only sync occasionally to preserve my battery and receive calls, so be it. Maybe only getting mail 2x / day will be good for me
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    I used Sprint from Oct last year till about a month ago and am now on Verizon. Verizon does appear faster on the data side and it re-connects to data faster than the Sprint version. However, I am 100% confident that it connects to the data far more often than my Sprint unit did and I am using the exact same software (not Verizon's mail or sync software-- never even installed it). The battery life without using any application is much worse because of the data connects and I miss far more calls as well. When I manually take data off line, battery life goes way up and I miss no calls. Thus, I am using Chatter's new auto disconnect feature and have also tried out Treo Connection Manager and Battery Doctor. I agree that we should all press Verizon to modify the unit's software to stay hooked to data (grey arrows) but dramtatically reduce the # of seemingly unecessary reconnects (green arrows). In the meantime, the good news is that turning on the data connection is very fast with Verizon (as compared to Sprint where it was less consistent and more often slower).
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