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    So, I'm hoping to pick up a Treo 600 soon. Sprint and Cingular are my options. From what I've read on the cingular forum, you need a 39.99 plan to get internet access and such. Now, Does the regular PCS Vision plan allow access on the Treo, or do i need a special plan with Sprint too?
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    Most Sprint users get the "Sprint PCS Vision Professional Pack," which lists for $15/mo (over and above your voice plan), includes unlimited data (browsing, e-mail, etc.), and also includes Sprint's Business Connection software (connects to your work/home e-mail. Look here If you're a new account, you sometimes can get Sprint to waive or reduce the $15/mo fee if you are signing up for 2000 or so voice minutes per month.
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    OK, I was just trying to make sure I would have the ability to have unlimited web browsing (of REAL pages) and the ability to use stuff like VeriChat. If that is all possible with the 15 dollar plan on top of my voice plan, I'm happy :P
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    Yes, it really is unlimited web browsing for the $15/mo fee. Most other carriers are MUCH highter for the data rates
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    I don't know if this is the lowest priced plan, but I have the Sprint Vision pack ($15. mo, unlimited) with a $29. monthly voice plan.
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    hi dennisl,

    how were you able to get a 29 monthly voice plan? what kind of phone do you have?

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