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    Well I really am trying to get a Treo from Verizon...anyone else get this treatment?

    Monday - Ordered online via Verizon Business to Business Web site, paid by CC, received immediate email acknowledging order.
    Tuesday - Order Status Screen: Please check back tomorrow.
    Wednesday - Please check back tomorrow. BUT my existing cell phone service was cancelled early morning when they cancelled the Treo order! Finally got service re-instated, order was cancelled since they saw a phone change in July. I had lost my LG phone and activated a Motorola phone not provided by Verizon.
    Thursday - New Order placed online again
    Friday - Order Status: Please check back tomorrow.
    Saturday - Called and CS told me my order email hadnt even been opened yet since they are 3 days behind in their email so might get read on Monday......

    None of the stores in NYC area stock the phone so forced into this online hell.

    I am really glad to be getting the premier business support since my company spends so much with them each month. Imagine if it was only little old me talking to them....

    Almost makes me want to walk into a AT&T/Cingular store !
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    Hey Rich,
    My recommendation would be to just go into your local store and have the store manager order the phone, it will be there overnight and you can pick it up the next day. This is what I did and had absolutely no problems.

    Good Luck
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    Thanks Cris,

    Unfortunately to get the company pricing I needed to do it online but I may just forgo that and do exactly what you suggest.

    I cant believe the delay for a product that is readily available but none of the Verizon stores keep it in stock (too expensive they claim). I am just praying I never need that "instant" replacement option


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