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    Can anyone explain to me why my Verizon Treo has all of a sudden started making perodic data connections out of the blue. I usually notice this when i've missed a call and receive a voice message having never heard the phone ring.

    This is driving me mad.

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    Search this forum and you'll see some other threads on this. In short, it appears that the Verizon phone does this on it's own for no good reason (if turned off manually, all works fine w/o it). To save battery life and avoid missed calls, people are using utilities like Battery Doctor and Treo Connection Manager (my favorite...)
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    I have also noticed the same thing. I was first trying to figure out if it was programs like Chatter or VeriChat?? But after turning off all of those programs and removing them, I noticed that my phone still would make these connections. the problem I have by manually disconnecting the connection, I no longer have the ability to use tools like Chatter and Verichat like they are able to. IF Verizon would get their !@!# together and get this thing right, my data connection would become active when it is NEEDED and not when it just wants to! I am starting to get really pissed of by Verizon's inability to deal with some of these new technologies!
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    ESPECIALLY since they had tested the Treo 600 for SOOOOOOOOO Long!!!
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    Thanks i'm glad i'm not the only one having this problem. I guess i'll just have to turn the data connection off except for when i need it. Kinda Sucks though, let's hope they get this straightened out.

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    I just posted steps to confirm that this problem exists on its own (and isn't necessarily being caused by any one application). Several other people have already responded that they've found the same results I have.

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