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    Cannot find info anywhere about Verizon's Wireless Sync's detailed capabilites. I am considering replacing by work-issued blackberry, but need to know if WS will provide as good real-time push email and access to advanced calendar functions in Outlook. For example, will I be able to set up a meeting from my Treo while on the road and invite attendees (as I can with by BB)? Is WS as integrated with Outlook as by BB? More? Less? Also, I have read elsewhere that when 'push' capabilites are enabled, incoming messages and calendar appointments are quickly redirected to the Treo, but that messages or appointments originating on the Treo take longer to register on the desktop. Anyone feedback from a WS user who has put it through the paces and is a heavy on-the-road user would be greatly appreciated!
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    I had/have a BB for about two years and Treo 600 with VZ WS for about a month. They are NOT the same. You can do everything that you are used to with the BB and th responsivity is not the same as the BB. Then you may have the same problem I have -- my company only supports the server version of BB, nothing else. So you may have to find a Workgroup monitor that is ALWAYS on. Also the Intellisync SW or server is not as robust as the BB equivalent. Treo is a better platform but be warned that you may be disappointed.

    I am seriously consiering giving up my Treo and going back -- though I have waited a long time to get my Treo.
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    All I can vouch for is the push capability -- I've never had to set up meetings or anything of that sort. The experience for receiving push email has been generally good on the Treo with Wireless Sync though there are some slower days (which seem to be getting better).
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    I would say that in a *corporate* environment, the Blackberry (BB) is the superior device. It's handling of e-mail, the critical element, is fantastic. It can wirelessly sync your calendar info IF you are using a Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES).

    Verizon's Wireless Sync (WS) feature is, in my opinion, the best *consumer* oriented package currently available. WS's features are superior to the BB in that you can sync e-Mail, contacts, calendar, to-dos, and memos. Plus you have a remarkable web interface that provides you with all of your data online. The negative is that the immediacy of the e-mail forwarding is clearly superior in the BB and that is obviously the most important single element. There is also no WS server version currently available, which means you will need to have the client redirector installed onto a work PC that is always on, connected to the network and has access to the Internet.

    So, if you have access to a BES and you need this functionality for CORPORATE work, go with the BB. However, if you DON'T have access to a BES and instead are going to use the BB web client, then the decision is tougher and, in my opinion, WS is better. The BB e-mail forwarding is still superior for FORWARDING the e-mail to the BB device whether you use the web client or the server, but that's about it. You can't *sync* the e-mail until you dock at the cradle, you get no wireless calendar, todo or memo sync. Plus, the Treo has the touchscreen and 5-way D pad that are again, IMO, superior to the thumbwheel on the BB.

    But that's just me.
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    One other note, there is a Workgroup Monitor installation that can be done for VZW WS - this would work in a similar fashion to a BES installation. It can be installed on a separate computer and support up to 20 users. Also, the frequency of email PUSH's on VZW WS has improved greatly this week. Today, almost all of my emails were PUSH'd within 4 minutes, with some in 10 seconds :-) and most b/w 1-2 minutes. Again, given the way superior service utility of the Treo over BB, the fact that VZW doesn't support web-browsing on the BB, it is a clear cut choice to go with the Treo over the BB on VZW. I would also say that given the large choice of 3rd party software, and lastly and importantly, if you are planning on using the Treo and/or BB as a fone in addition to a wireless data device, hands down the Treo over BB.

    So in summary, VZ has the best national coverage, they are working out the kinks in terms of the technical integration of the product (it actually works only 3 mo's after it has been reduced), and given the hands down adv's of the treo, to me the choice is clearly VZW WS and a Treo.
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    I have been trying to use Snapper on a new installation/new Treo for a day and can't get it to send - but receiving works fine. When I try to send, it just times out when trying to connect to VZW.

    My question centers around the tech support answer I got when I called - "you need either (1) a PDA data plan, or (2) Wireless Sync as a standalone. I b****ed and moaned because I already have a VZW aircard at $80 per month, why would I pay another $45 for MORE unlimited data ... blah, blah, blah.

    I end up agreeing to try out the $5 per month WS option to test it, and when I install it on my laptop, it tells me I have to keep my computer on in order for it to work? WTF? This makes no sense to me in terms of functionality, and I am hoping that one of you guys can help me make sense of this.

    I just want to use my SnapperMail with VZW without having to pay another $45 per month!!! Is it possible????

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    You are being given bad information, as you've already guessed. All you need at this point is an SMTP server that you can use to send your e-mail via Snappermail. If you happen to use a provider like Earthlink as your ISP at home or work, you are in luck because they will allow you to authenticate through their SMTP server even when you are outside of their network. If you are using a provider like Roadrunner, then you can't use their SMTP server because they only allow you to use the SMTP server if you are physically connected to their network.

    Verizon had (has?) an SMTP server that got varying levels of complaints. I have not used it in some time, but I know is used to have the SMTP setting of: (used to work for me). I don't know if it still works. I'm not even sure if it will work w/o a username and password.

    But the main thing is that you DO NOT need a data plan (you can use NA-MOU) and you do not need Wireless Sync. They have nothing to do with getting an SMTP server setting.

    Finally, if nothing is working for you on the SMTP front, you could always setup a free e-mail acccount with Their free option uses IMAP, not SMTP, and they will add a tagline to your outgoing e-mails. Or you could go with their one-time $14.95 fee and get access to their IMAP *AND* SMTP services w/o any taglines on your outgoing e-mails. Their service should work well with Snappermail. I have read many positive comments on them even though I do not use them myself.

    Good luck.
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