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    I have to admit, Sprint Buisness Connect has to the abosolute worst program I've ever seen on my Treo or PC.
    I mean, the PC client will not stay connected for more than about 3 hours at a time. And if it gets disconnected due to network issues, it wont even reconnect. Totally undependable.
    And now, I cant even connect to BC from my phone except for the client.
    (i have the outlook client plus 2 pop accounts)
    I can get to the pop accounts through BC's webpage but when I try to sync with my treo, it "cant connect to server" but its only with the pop accounts.
    The outlook client syncs fine, WHEN ITS UP!!
    I honeslty cant remember a time when the client has stayed up over a full weekend.
    I'm so happy Im not paying for this.
    Guess its time to start paying for Vista.

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    I can only think of one time my PC client has disconnected in the past month or so. Been running great for me.
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    Mine's never gone down once. In fact, it's probably the most stable piece of software I have running on my PC. (the Treo piece is rock-solid too)
    I really don't mean to sound rude, but I would guess the problem is probably something wth your pc and/or network, and not Biz Connect.
    Have you spent much time doing any troubleshooting?
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    My PC client has never disconnected. The Treo client has been highly reliable too. I think both work great. It sounds like the issue is with your network.
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    Mine used to go down all the time. For the last few months it's been bulletproof, though. Even when I can't get to it (the dreaded cannot connect to desktop error) it is usually up and running within an hour all by itself. Have you installed the most recent version? I think they've made some really significant strides over the last year.

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