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    For those who don't know already, Sprint will be increasing their pricing for their extended warranty and lock/line services to $5 per month at the beginning of the year.

    From what I could tell, it sounds like you can get either the extended warranty - which covers operational equipment failure - or lock/line - which would cover loss, damage, theft, or user-inflicted equipment failure etc.

    Only a buck more than it is now...but that still seems higher than the other carriers...?
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    I just got the notice and read the agreement! There is more than just the $1 increase. New phone replacements for loss/self inflicted damages goes up from $35 to $50!!

    The warrenty program did get better though. There is only a $10 fee for replacing a broken unit that is defective.

    From what I can tell you get both programs (warrenty and damage/loss) for the $5 charge.

    Also there is no change in policy for giving out referbished units. :-(
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    i am reading my agreement right now, and it says that there is a 10 dollar fee for a defective or otherwise mechanically damaged phone... currently i am paying nothing to have these phones replaced under warranty (i manage a corporate account - we all have treos) does this mean each time a phone gets the network search error or the touchscreen stops working it's $10??? what is everyone else paying now for warranty returns?

    edit- it says the program is only for individual customers and a seperate service agreement applies to business customers.... whew... thank god... now to find out what that agreement says!
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