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    I'm hoping a techie-type can enlighten me as to whether service providers- particularly SPCS- ever evaluate their coverage based on true line-of-sight to a tower. I live in a hilly area (west of Knoxville, TN) and can't get a signal in my house, even though my house is about 2 miles from a tower. Reason being is the tower height is lower than the tree line of the foothills between the tower and my home. I've called to talk to SPCS L2 and tech people, but they only looked at a coverage map and told me I'm in a coverage area.

    Anybody have any thoughts on this matter? Don't suggest moving, the view from my back porch is breathtaking!
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    Im trying to work with Sprint on a similar only 3500 feet from a tower and I get roaming about half the time in my house and even outside on my deck (faces the tower). The tower is above the trees between my house and the tower and I still get crappy reception...only 4 more days left on my "trial period"...if they Sprint can't get me a better signal I'll just have to terminate my contract (if they had unlimited roaming as many carriers do I wouldn't care, but they only offer 50% of your time for roaming..and I do work from home alot which may mean alot of roaming minutes).....damn!...I really like the Treo..

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