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    It's 4:44 PM EST.

    I can not access my Business Connection inbox web page. I can open the page that asks you to enter your user ID and Password but after that the inbox page just times out.

    I am also not receiving SMS notifications for new mail, which is related I assume.

    I can't seem to connect my desktop either.

    I guess it's down again.

    Seems like the problems continue.
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    4:59 PM EST

    I can now connect my desktop.

    But can't do anything else.
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    *Rant On*

    I got rid of BC because it made my Treo too unstable. Too many resets/crashes. Ever since I go rid of it a month ago, I haven't had a single reset/crash.

    I like the concept and the functionality, but I can't stand the instability, so I'll wait until they make it more stable. I'm not going to give up my other applications (in the event of an incompatibility) just to have BC, so I guess I'll do without it for now.

    Okay, now I feel better.

    *Rant off*
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    It's definetly acting up here for me.

    I still can't access my inbox web page via the web.

    It took me a few tries to get my desktop to connect tonight as well.

    I hope it clears up in the morning.

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