I've been hiking in the mountains of VT and experienced some unusual reception problems yesterday. I was on the Monroe trail hiking up to the top of Camels Hump near Stowe, which is a major VT ski area with Sprint coverage. There was no service in the lower parts of the trail- I was seeing RSSI of -105 (by dialing ##33284). Once I got higher on the trail I was getting 1 bar with RSSI of -100 to 103 dbm but I was not able to make a call or connect to Vision. Any calls would say dialing, the timer would not start, then signal faded and asked if I wanted to redial. Granted -102 dbm is a very weak signal but when I got to the top of the mountain, I had fluctuating bars of 2 to 4 with RSSI's of 85 to 100 dbm but I still had a lot of trouble making calls and connecting to Vision.
There was a group of 4 Russians there on the summit and 2 of them were using their cell phones, one talking and one reading e-mails while I was trying to make my Sprint Treo 600 work. They were kind of loud and in their own elements so I did not bother to ask who their provider was.

Do I have a bad Treo 600? Maybe I will take it in to a Sprint store and have a HP test done.

Anyone else hiked the Monroe trail? It's a beautiful, well maintained trail about 3.4 miles to the summit. Should take anywhere from 1 to 3 hours up depending on your fitness level and how heavy your pack is.