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    Has anyone been able to set up the wireless sync in a way that syncs attachments. I have dataviz and all i can seem to do is "mark for download" any attachment, whatever that means. do i need to go back to snappermail for this?

    Any help is appreciated.
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    Once you mark the attachment for download, you must hit the "sync" button again or wait for it to do it on its on. Once that is done go back to the email and click on the attachment it will open it in the appropriate dataviz program.
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    You also have an option to automatically download attachments. How you get to the option is somewhatr convoluted:

    1. Open the Wireless SYnc Application (NOT the mail app)
    2. Press the <menu> key
    3. Select SyncXpress Settings
    4. Highlight Mail (Inbox)
    5. Press <Settings>
    6. Press <Attachments>
    7. Check <Download Attachments> and set the max size and type of files

    Hope this helps.

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