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    I have 5 phones on my family plan and I added the treo600 3 months ago. All of the sudden I started to get charged for my sms messages from my treo. I called sprint and they said that I need to pay 5 extra for unlimited messages. But... when they tried adding it on the the unlimited sms to my treo, the system wouldnt let them.. They didnt give me a concrete explanation as to why I cant have both unlimited pcs vision and unlimited sms, they just said they cant add it on.... hmm

    Has anyone else had this problem? Is it true that you cant have both pcs vision and unlimited sms on the additional phone?

    Right now, for pcs vision I pay 15 dollars for the main phone and 5 dollars for all the other phones(including the treo).
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    It might be because u have additional phones on the plan. From what i know, if u were on vision prior to the addition of sprint sms plans, you are grandfathered in and dotn get charged, but if u change your plan you youll lose that privlage.

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