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    Today I restarted my PC and for the life of me I can't get Sprint's Bizcon software to connect. I know my windows domain password is valid and I know the PCS Connection password is valid becaise it works on the Sprint website. Can anyone offer suggestions?? There is another Sprint PCS / Bizcon user in our office, he;s not having the same problem connecting..
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    I just returned to my PC and now all of a sudden I can not connect either.

    I hope it's just some sort of outage that clears up soon.
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    I just called Sprint tech. support and they informed me that Business Connection is down in the N.Y.C. metro area due to the massive thunder storms we had this afternoon/evening.

    I know this doesn't help you since you're in Chicago but it may help others.
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    Dont' know if it's related but my alerts haven't been coming through today. I can still sync and all that.
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    I posted the same thing in another thread KR.

    I lost my SMS notification of new mail as of this morning too, way before the storm hit. So I don't think the two are related.

    It seems SMS notification is out in a wider area.

    It seems Business Connection is down completely in the N.Y.C. metro area.
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    I was getting normal alerts, just not BC. Now they work, however. Is BC up for the rest of you?
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    Yep, it's back up here

    Don't know about alerts though. I have mine turned off after 8 PM.

    I'll check in the morning, I don't feel like changing my settings.
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    SMS notification is back for me.
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    Mine has been down since 7/28.... They said it has something to do with the new version...
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    pizenson, are you using the Enterprise Edition or Personal?
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    I'm using Personal, I called in this morning and finally got someone who was able to help. Thanks everybody for letting me know it was working for you...
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