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    Spent a couple of days in ATL this week and was amazed at the difficulty I had getting Vision access and throughput. Is the SPCS net so congested there that you can't use Vision during working hours?


    Bob Duckworth
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    I just got my Treo last friday...speed seems fine to me, but as a new user i can't say if it si slow or slower than normal.
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    Just did a speed 88 kbt/ sec (100k file). This seems to be average or above average for other Sprint users acrsoos the country
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    Maybe it was just my handset or the phase of the moon. About equal probabilities with SPCS.


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    Yea, with SPCS you never know...I live 3500 feet from a Sprint tower (close in, not on the outside of Atlanta) and about 50% of the time I get roaming in my house..called Sprint and they are looking into it..can't live with roaming in my house...I can't connect to vision either when im "roaming" (i can lve with this as at home I use the computer), but I cant live with voice roaming in my house (occurs even outside on my eck). Hope they can do something about it...I really like the Treo and the Sprint vision has been nice (when I use it away from the house on business)...
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    I live in Marietta, spend 2-3 days a week at my girlfriend's place in Midtown, and work in Sandy Springs and have never had any problems.

    Download speeds are great. At home I only get 1-2 bars but download speeds are still pretty good.

    Tower congestion can cause slowdowns, though I haven't had much trouble in this regard. If it persists, call Sprint and see what they suggest. They could try reprovisioning your Vision service or possibly the phone itself.. it might help..

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