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    Maybe there's already a forum on this somewhere. I know there's a lot of griping.

    The lack of customer service and nickle-and-diming that this company does never ceases to amaze me.

    First there was the different answers and lack of knowledge about the Treo product from the customer service staff.

    Then there's the pricing, especially for the unlimited data plan.

    I was told by customer service reps several times that they could tranfer the address book from my LG phone to my Treo. Only problem, the stores say, is that they can't. They don't have the necessary cable and don't know when they will. This seems sort of stupid for them not to have a cable to do this for a product they sell. I can't imagine I'm the only one who would want this service.

    What really ticked me off this morning though was the fact that they were going to charge me $10 to do it if they had the cable. It's not a lot of money, but after I just shelled out for two Treo 600s and added the unlimited data would think they would do something for you.

    When I left AT&T, Verizon did transfer my phone book for free.The store manager today told me they could do it as a courtesy, but he wasn't offering to do it even if they had the cable.

    It's amazing how cheap this company is and how poor their service. It's too bad that using Verizon makes the most sense for me at the moment.
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    They'll never have the capability to transfer your numbers to your Treo, not even if they ever got a cable. The cellebrite machine (which does the transfer) has never had the capability to transfer numbers to any smartphones. Customer service reps usually are uninformed on policies and procedures that happen in stores, but it does suck that they told you something that wasn't true.

    The $10 charge is corporate crap, I agree, but can be waived by store managers or nice sales reps. The charge was started in February.
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    Have you heard whether Datapilot will work? It says it can sync a phone to a Palm Desktop, Outlook, etc. I'm thinking about trying that and then syncing the Treo. It seems like an expensive solution, but if it works....
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    Yeah something like that will work, but you can get one a lot cheaper at a place like fry's thats designed for one specific cell phone model, not a universal kit like that. I think it will export the numbers in some kind of generic format which you then import into the palm desktop.
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    Good idea, especially because I hope to do this only once.


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