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    I've been reading through a lot of posts, but I'm still not clear on a couple of issues about using text messaging and photos on the web instead of through those specific services. I'm looking at purchasing a 600 through Verizon (my company offers a discount).

    Seems that web is about $4.99/mo. My company offers a couple promos, like 40pic/250txt for $7.99. Does web replace text messaging? ... or do I still need to buy at least a $2.99, 100 message plan? Furthermore, my company sends pages out only through the service, so is there a way that that can come in through wireless web instead of the paging fee?

    Hopefully these questions make sense. More specifically, I'd like to have IM capabilities, although I won't send/receive much more than 50-60/mo., most likely. There is an integrated AIM, right? It works as SMS and doesn't require web access? Does it show you to be online continually and/or do you have to be logged on to your desktop PC in order for you to receive any messages (I know there is a forwarding AIM service that works this way).

    Finally, it would be nice to be able to email photos from the phone - is that pretty easy to do using just web? I won't need company email set up, but pop3 yahoo or just Y!Mail through the internet would be nice.

    Thanks for bearing with me in all these questions. Answer just one or two if you can!
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    Mobile Web is not for the Treo 600.

    You can add a PDA/Smartphone data plan or you can use the minutes from your voice plan.

    I don't think there's an integrated AIM.

    You'll need software such as Snappermail for emailing as the Verizon Treo does not come with a mail application. Snappermail supports email attachments.

    I think Verizon charges extra for text messages.

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