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    Hi all,

    I just bought a Sprint Treo 600 this past weekend from Best Buy for $399 after the $150 new activation rebate, and lo and behold, I notice Comp USA is now selling it for $299. I'm going to try to get Best Buy to adjust the price, but if I can't (the Comp USA deal involves a rebate), will I be able to return my current Treo/service, get a new Treo/service from CompUSA, and still get the $150 new activation rebate? In other words, if I cancel my service within the first 14 days, can I still get the rebate if I sign up again?

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    I dont see why not. An activation is an activation! Sprint doesn't limit it to one per household or anything. I have 3 phones and took advantage of the rebate on all three. There only requirement is a 2 yr contract.

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