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    Upgrading from Treo 300 to Treo 600 and thinking of switching from Sprint to T-Mobile. Any advice?
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    Does Sprint not have good coverage in your area? Coverage where you use your phone should be your first consideration above all else.
    That notwithstanding, you will have a much larger coverage area nationally with Sprint that you would with T-Mobile. You will also have a much faster data connection with Sprint. (and cheaper)

    I guess I wouldn't switch unless you're unhappy with Sprint.
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    When I first started with Treo, I was in a VERY LONG debate about Sprint vs T-mobile, evaluating EVERYTHING, calling the customer service of each and seeing how they handled questions about the other, and I definitely made it a much harder proces than I wanted. Conclusion: I ended up going with Sprint. Each has certain advantages/disadvantages over the other, but I definitely say that over all Sprint is better. T-mobile is still far more "phone" oriented, as they still cater more to minutes in call plans than n e thing else. Sprint has both better (by far) and less expensive data (though they have recently made things seemingly more expensive), while still having comparable minute plans (if you know how to work the system). I would say that Tmobile has better Customer Service, but that Sprint services their customers better (It makes sense to me. Maybe I will x-plain at another time). Tmobile, however, being GSM, may leave you he option to unlock (if you are interested in these things.) All said, I believe that Sprint is generally and overall a better provider than T-mobile. Hope this helps. Holla atcha bol
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    As an incentive to keep my contract and extend for two years, Sprint gave me unlimited data for free ... I'm only paying for the voice plan. With T-mobile, I would be paying an extra $50 per month. Can't beat that.
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    Thanks for the replies. I am in the Detroit/Flint Michigan area. Sprint coverage is acceptable but not great. I am also going to add a family plan with 2 phones and a Treo. Thanks again --Gary

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