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    Wow, went to pick up my phone this afternoon after a full day of normal use and saw it was dead! Had plenty of battery life last time I checked, but now the LED is dead, the unit won't take a hard reset.. it's gone!

    Anyone else had this problem? My last day of my "grace period" is tomorrow.. what great timing.

    Anyone else had this problem?

    I have to call cust service tomorrow as the people who are available now are of no help.

    Phone was not abused, never dropped looks brand new.
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    Like most electronic devices, if they don't crap out quickly they usually are ok for the long run (not yours I guess). Get a new one, its under warranty.
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    Don't despair. You have probably hit the period of low battery where the unit is gone dormant to preserve RAM. Plug it in and charge it. If it has already gone too far, you may need to doa quick factory reset. Plug it into the charger and while holding down K and the backspace keys perform a soft reset. The phone should wake and then the screen will flash and it should come back to life.
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    I had a similar issue. It was a recently replaced treo (I had the loose screw problem) and it just froze. Hard resets, factory resets, soft resets, charging...nothing worked. Take it back and get a replacement.

    Happily on Treo #4, not one has been dropped (knock on wood)
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    Did you ever get the problem fixed?...get a new unit or another fix?
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    Yeah they sent me a new one, got it today.. charged it up.. went to a meeting, it was working fine.. got in my car.. headed off to another meeting plugged it into my non-oem car charger and wham.. that one is now dead too.

    So i've narrowed the problem down

    3rd treo is on its way, the charger is on it's way to the trash can.

    This and my "retractable sync/charger cable" from treocentral arrived today.. now i'm worried about using it since it is non oem.

    BTW I was on the phone with verizion for 1.5 hrs to get this 2nd one replaced.

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    This is not the first time I've heard of trouble with aftermarket charges. A buddy of mine had a similar experience. He fried to SE p900s with an aftermarket car charger.

    Stick to OEM.
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    Hi Kevin922

    Your non-OEM charger - was that a Sprint charger for the Treo 300? Those guys are lethal to your data on a 600. There was a warning in the box of my Sprint T600 telling me never to use it. Apparently it can short data lines on the USB socket and nuke your RAM. In short, it's a really bad idea to use the Sprint T300 car charger.

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    No this was a "Rugged" charger I bought from a "Verizon" booth at a local mall..

    Like 30 bucks for the damn thing.

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    Very bad advice from Verizon then. Any charger that is not Handspring or Palm-branded for use with Treo 600 is potentially problematic. Here is what to watch out for - if the charger is a very tight fit, there is a good chance that wiggling the charger connector will create a short.

    The online store only sells these accessories -

    I suspect the store person who sold you the charger was only matching the connector and not thinking about true compatibility. Lithium Ion batteries need to be matched very carefully with a charger - the charger has a needle-fine voltage control circuit which varies the volts over time as the battery charge completes. Too much voltage and you an make a Lithium battery overheat and potentially burn or boom.
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    I bought a Treo chager from Treo central store. It is not palmone, but it says it is compatible. Should I trust/use this chager??? INteresting that the palmone charger for the car is compatible with the other treo models as well according to the treocentral store site. Is this accurate?
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    are you talking about the screw that holds in the antenna? Mine dropped out and now I can't find a matching replacement. I found a temp fix in my toolbox at home. Also, battery Treo doesn't last nearly as long as advertised and the Sprint store can't diagnose the problem. Any suggestions?

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