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    I'm able to use my current Verizon phone connected to my notebook via USB, and using Verizon software, go online (14.4 I think) without spending $$ on a data plan....just uses minutes on my plan.

    Can the Treo 600, on Verizon's network, do the same, that is, go online (not connected to a notebook like with PDANet) without a data plan and simply use my minutes?

    thnx for any info!
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    Never mind. Found the answer, which is yes, in other threads.
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    Which thread did you find this on? I thought the general notion was that QNC access was impossible on the verizon treo 600...i thoguht you could only use the express network??

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    From another thread:

    Alternative Step 3: Activating QNC Data
    (Doing this may cause EN to no longer work. This problem may have been fixed somewhere else in this thread. If you find the fix, PM me and I will update it here)

    1. Preferences --> Network
    menu --> New
    Service: QNC
    Connection: Virtual Modem
    User Name: qnc
    Password: qnc
    Phone: #777
    2. Details... --> Advanced... --> Script...
    Send: at$qcmdr=2
    Send CR:
    Send at$qcqnc=1
    Send CR:
    OK --> OK --> Connect
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    Those instructions were for a sprint Treo 600 converted to verizon treo 600....i don't think they work for a pure verizon treo 600.....can anyone clarify?
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    I posted in another thread the steps to set up QNC and ISP dial-up connections. You can try to run a search. If not, I'll try to repost the instructions tonight.

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