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    Can we get email attachments with VZW Treo 600? All the emails have had the attachment stripped and on the mail options the "Download Attachments" checkbox can't be checked - no matter how hrd I push it...
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    Yes, just use SnapperMail.
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    Thanks, I sorta figured that was coming... Does it integrate well with the wireless sync? Also, is the beta fit for consumption?
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    I have no idea about its integration with Wireless Sync. My impression is that they would not be integrated at all.

    I don't think I installed the beta. I have the latest released Premier Bundle.
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    Is there any update on this issue
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    With WS you have to select the attachment, once the message is open. You'll then get a dialog box with 'Message has been marked for download' or something like that. Then, the next time you sync, you'll have that attach & can view (only) via Docs To Go. If you want to edit/save that attach, you'll need to upgrade to full blown DTG.

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