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    I cannot get my VZ MMS to work. When I push send it says "connection problem to the server" Suggestions? Thanks!
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    I am getting the same message. I called tech support and they could not resolve. They said they have other people having the same problem and are working on a resolution. They have a ticket open on it and the tech said they may have to replace my phone but they were still researching.

    If anyone else has more information on this I be interested in hearing it. I can send/receive SMS okay and browse the web. Just MMS is not working.
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    Same problem. They told me to replace the phone.
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    try going to and setting up an account there, see if that helps
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    No problem w/ text messaging. Problem I had w/ was for picture messaging. Said something about not being able to open network connection.
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    MMS supposedly requires an NA connection, which is why everyone has it by default- you guys both have full NA service, and not just QNC, right?
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    I originally got unlimited data, but since my company can't get my email/Treo setup correctly I cancelled the service until they get it up and running. I thought text and picture messaging was independent of web access and email. Don't other verizon cameras phones text and picture mail w/out NA connection? Not sure what QNC is still new to this forum. I don't have NA I'm got AC400 plan.
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    Damn, had the same problem myself! Whenever I'd reply to an email address, it would say "MMS service not activated". Got it fixed now

    Tech Help thinks it's just a problem with the short-term memory buffer or something with that regard. She recommended just cycling power on the phone and trying again. Which didn't really work for me the first time, but seemed to work anyhow... my troubleshooting went like this:

    SMS to MMS ERROR!!!
    <call tech help>
    <reboot phone>
    SMS to MMS ERROR!!!
    techhelpgal SMS recieved
    SMS send to techhelpgal
    techhelpgal SMS from email recieved
    SMS to successfully, no errors!
    SMS to successfully, no errors!
    SMS recieved from
    SMS to successfully, no errors!

    So if there's a moral, I don't know what it is... But all we did was reboot my phone and send a couple messages, and it got fixed! Oh, and there was apparently a big run on Treo600s today; guess the new shipment came in?
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    I have two Treo's. One for me and other for my wife. WIth mine I can't picture message or get on the internet. It can't establish connection. With hers I can't picture message, but I can get on the internet. They turned all my data options on fully and still can't get MMS to work. Mine says MMS Problem: Unable to open network connection. Wife says: Extended network connection not available. We did the reboot and reset thing many times.

    Oh well, I've already ordered two more new Treo's. I'm sending back these defective ones so some else can get 'refurbished models'. Hopefully they got a couple more left in that shipment for me.
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    Stay out of the MMS prefs until the MMS is provisioned over the air. It's a bug. The only solution for now is to get the phone replaced but it is probably a simple software fix once Verizon/PalmOne gets to work on it.
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    How are SMS/MMS messages billed with VZW? Am I charged 10 cents to reply to an SMS message that's sent to an email address via MMS, or 40 cents, like it was a picture mail?
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    Is there any reason to use the SMS or MMS if you have the unlimited data plan or AIM? Seems like you can do these things already for free. Well, not quite free since I'm already paying for the unlimited data plan.

    Anybody using the wireless sync know how to send an attachment? I didn't see an obvious way.
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    Well, seamless and easy integration with email, for one. SMS messages pop up instantly and automatically- email doesn't. Not to mention compatibility with other poeple's (non-treo) cell phones!

    Also, I don't have unlimited. Well, I mean, I do right now, but I plan to disconnected it next week and switch to MOU.
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    I just got off the phone with Tmobile

    the Level 2 support rep told me he changed the WAP settings on
    t-mobile end to get it configured and working properly.
    I just tried and it works both receiving and sending.
    I had the exact same message and my phone is brand new.

    paypal's can be sent to

    any $ would be appreciated
    Donations to support the research efforts Operation Treo in the future
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    Quote Originally Posted by SteveFehr
    How are SMS/MMS messages billed with VZW? Am I charged 10 cents to reply to an SMS message that's sent to an email address via MMS, or 40 cents, like it was a picture mail?
    Well, I got my bill, and it looks like they're all charged as SMS messages
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    I had the "There is a problem connecting with the server" problem when trying to MMS. After 2 hours on the phone with various Verizon techs, they emailed me a file called MmsSend.prc and had me hotsync that and it fixed my problem. I can now send and receive MMS pictures! Hope this helps someone...

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    Can you attach the mmssend.prc file? I am having the exact same issue as you.

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    9thTee, can you please attach the mmssend.prc that verizon sent you?

    I have the worst time trying to have a vzw tech email to me stating that there is no such file/fix.

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    Here is the Verizon fix. They did warn to turn off the radio before installing...

    Attached Files Attached Files
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    9thtee, thanks for the file. Its to bad it did not fix my problem. I now see a progress bar but still get the connection error.

    Thanks again.
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