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    I have been a VZW customer for many years. My phone has always worked perfectly from my home. I decided to upgrade and have had my VZW Treo for less than one week. I love it. However, it inconsistently drops and losses calls when dialing. I have installed some apps and thought that it might be a software corruption issue. I performed a hard reset but the problem persists. It does not happen on every call, but on enough that it becomes annoying. The phone begins to dial and then hangs. Eventually (after about 5 seconds) an error appears telling me the call has been lost. Meanwhile, I am showing 4 bars of reception. Should I return the Treo before my trial runs out. Please help.
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    I have no idea if it makes any difference, but I thought I read something somewhere (either here or perhaps on HowardForums) that disabling "Voice Privacy" in the phone options menu will reduce the number of dropped calls. I haven't been using mine long enought to be able to tell you if there's any difference, so I admit I'm passing on a rumor here. Apparently VP encrypts the call, but I can't see why that really matters since the Treo is all-digital anyway.
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    what exactly is voice privacy and how do you disconnect it? Thanks!
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    From the owners manual:

    "Choosing your privacy settings"
    To maintain privacy, you can encrypt conversations when you place or receive calls, provided that this feature is supported by the network.

    You can also choose whether your longitude and latitude position are available to the network and third-party applications at all times or only during an emergency call.

    1. Press Phone .
    2. Press Menu .
    3. From the Options menu, choose Phone Preferences (/A).
    4. Check the Enable Voice Privacy box.
    5. Choose Location ON or 911 Only.
    6. Choose OK.

    When Voice Privacy is on, a icon appears to the right of the current time. If Voice Privacy is supported by the network, a icon also appears on the Active Call screen. When Location On is on, the Location icon appears with transmission lines. When 911 Only is on, the transmission lines disappear.

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