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    I just found yesterday that on my Sprint Treo 600 (all updated, etc.) I suddenly cannot get any of my AOL email from the "home" page of pcsvision. I go to the home page, click on "messaging", then click on "email", then click on "aol mail", then click on "sign in", then fill out my name and password on the "aol main" page. A couple times it then brought up the page that lists "New (and the number of new emails), old, sent, write," etc. but when I'd click on any of those choices it just became a blank page with the icons at the bottom from blazer. Now, I can't even get to that screen and it shows the blank page with the icons on the bottom from blazer but with an icon of a lock (for secured?) next to the signal on the far right. Help!
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    All bets were off yesterday with email. Blame it on myDoom virus which ground even the mighty Google and Yahoo searches into the dust. Try it again today.
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    Wow. I guess it really was "my doom".

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