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    I have a Verizon Treo and I seemed to have replaced my phone application when trying the AQUA buttons that I have heard so much about. Now there is obviously a problem (Phone keeps crashing), and I cannot see to revert back to the original phone app. Anybody have any thoughts?

    Is there a backup of the Verizon Phone application?
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    You don't need a backup, the phone application lives in ROM, and can't be deleted. If you did manage to install a copy of the Phone.prc application into the RAM of your phone, then you just need to remove it. Once the phone application installed in RAM is gone, the one in ROM will take over, which is what you want.

    You should also take a moment to check the backups folder on your main computer, where the Palm Desktop software saves backups when you hotsync your Treo. If you've performed a hotsync since you accidentally installed the Phone.prc application to RAM, you have a backup of it now in your backups folder, which you'll also want to remove (so it doesn't get accidentally restored if you instruct hotsync to restore your files).

    In order to remove the Phone.prc application in RAM, you'll need a third party utility like FileZ (which happens to be free, and can be downloaded by clicking here).

    Important!!! You need to turn off your wireless service before you try to delete the Phone.prc application. You do this by holding down the button next to the antenna for a second or so. If you don't, your Treo will crash and burn (not literally) when you delete the Phone.prc application.

    So you turn off wireless mode, you run FileZ and see if there is a copy of Phone.prc in the RAM of your phone (there will be a Phone.prc in the ROM firmware of your phone, but you can't delete it so don't worry). If you're asked, make sure that you only delete the application itself, not its preferences and support files. If you delete the support files, you'll loose all the info you entered in your favorites screens.

    Don't forget to turn wireless mode back on after you're done.

    You can also accomplish the same thing by doing a HARD reset on your phone, but that will delete everything in your Treo, returning it to the state it was in when you first took it out of the box.

    If you're looking for the properly constructed AQUA+ overlay file for Verizon phones, try clicking on this.

    Note that I haven't gotten around to getting the actual "Connecting" and "Disconnecting" screens for the new Verizon Treo600, so these screens in the AQUA+ overlay for Verizon were created (months ago) by one of our users here. When I get a free minute, and someone sends me a copy of the actual current Verizon "Connecting" and "Disconnecting" screens (hint, hint), I'll update the AQUA and AQUA+ overlays for Verizon to include them.

    Bill S
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    Thanks. The link within for the AQUA+ overlay for Verizon does not seem to be working.
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    Hmm, you're right. I'll drop a note to the admins there and ask what's up.

    In the meanwhile, you can download the .prc version from my web site (there isn't a .zip version there right now).

    Just click here.

    Bill S

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